Research Project of Minin University

Million ideas for development

Great teachers knowledge for study and new findings

Online service offers an unstandard approach to learning and teaching pedagogic. The main scientific theories and their authors are combined into one system with interdependent elements. Users can update the map. Study the information, find new links and share your discoveries.

Travel the world of pedagogic

The main theories of pedagogic are represented on the map. You can follow their development from the idea to nowadays with the help of key notions and personalities.

Study the subject creatively

Use the map for independent exploration of connections and contradictions in theories of different epochs.

Discover the new

Inspire yourself by the great ideas and your personal discoveries.

Thousands wise teachers on one recourse

Detailed biographies of the great Russian and foreign teachers are the basis of the online service. Information is vivid and it contains important dates, scientific ideas abstracts, significant papers and video-lectures of modern researchers.

Study in a new way

The pedagogical map of the world offers to add new format to the university lectures on pedagogic. Study scientific theories in the round, build your own connections of the pedagogical ideas and their authors.

Online evaluation of a scientific idea

A special instrument for evaluation of the pedagogical ideas is made on the web-portal. You can create your characteristics, compare them with the experts` ones, discuss it on-line.